Money Counting Machine

Coin Counting Machine



High Speed Coin Counter


Counts large amounts of coins at high speed. And is extremely easy to operate.




Counting Method Electronic Counting
Coin Diameter Min. 15 mm
Max. 38 mm
Coin Thickness Min. 0.8 mm
Max. 3.6 mm
Counting Speed Approx. 3,700 coins per minute (Dime)
Hopper Capacity Approx. 10,000 coins (Dime)
Preset Batches Four preset batches or Any number up to 9,999
LED Display Count 5 digit, Batch Preset 4 digit
Dimension W 300 x D 500 x H 345 mm
Weight 21 kg
Power Consumption 100 W



Sortable / Countable Coins 6 denomination
Sorting / Counting Speed Approx. 450 coins per minute (Dime)
LED Display 7 digits
Hopper Capacity Approx. 1,000 coins (Dime)
Dimension W 615 x D 267 x H 392 mm
Weight 18 kg
Power Consumption 40 W